• Coach Kisha

You are never alone...

Over the years of going through my Awakening Journey, there were many times when I felt extremely all alone. Especially in the beginning when there was confusion and I was going through so many changes within myself and outer changes in my life. When I started to realize that I was on a Spiritual Journey, going through this awakening transformation, it didn’t cause me to feel different from others but more so a feeling of loneliness because there was no one around me who could relate to what I was going through. As I continued along my journey, I began to understand more about why I was feeling alone and how it can come about when going through a Spiritual Awakening. When I chose to begin taking steps to become a better version of myself, to evolve and raise my consciousness, I no longer resonated with certain ways of thinking, habits, activities as well as relationships with other people. This caused me to feel alone a lot of the time. Eventually, I started to embrace the fact that not only was I on this painful yet beautiful journey but that there were other people on this journey as well. I noticed that it was easier to find other awakening people online but I longed to find someone in my physical life around town. I began to go out and look for these people, maybe start a conversation here and there, to see if someone would resonate but what I came to realize for myself was that a part of my spiritual awakening process was for me to feel and be alone. I began to understand that this part of my journey was just that, a part of my journey where being alone was actually a blessing.

When I think back on all the times when I went through my inner work releasing and emotional healing those were the times when being alone was very beneficial. In the alone times is where I discover my value and who I truly am as a person, it's where I can focus on my spiritual growth, my needs, dreams and what my goals and desires are as an individual. In the alone times is where I connect with the spiritual realm for guidance, clarity and just to overall recharge, clear my energy and enjoy being by myself. I began to change my perspective about feeling alone and started to notice that I wasn’t really alone. I’ve always had and still continue to have the support of the Universe and my higher source as well as all the other people around the world going through this same awakening journey as a collective whole. I also realized that sometimes that feeling of being alone came about when I needed to make a change in my daily life or go out and do something that I enjoy. Once I changed my perspective on feeling and being alone I then started to embrace that particular part of my journey and I knew that this too shall pass and eventually as I continue to evolve and become more and more of my true authentic self, I will attract into my life the same kind of people who are standing in their authenticity as well and who is embarking on the same or a similar path as I am.

Written: February 19, 2017

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