• Coach Kisha

When to LET GO...

In this blog I wanted to write about when it’s time to surrender. For me, surrender means to release control from a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical standpoint. I always knew when it was time to surrender because I started to feel stress, overthink and/or get upset about things that I didn't have control over but I thought I did. It took me a while but eventually I learned that when I surrendered I would automatically feel like a heavy weight was lifted off my shoulders. I would feel worry and stress-free. I would even feel happy and excited at times. When I surrendered to those nudges, letting me know it was time to surrender, It felt amazing! I knew I had finally made the right decision.

However, at the beginning of my journey surrendering wasn’t easy and it came with a lot of fear which led to a lot of resistance and procrastination. You see, when I knew it was time to surrender, I also knew it was time to make a change, do something new or even let something go. I knew it was time for me to let go of my expectations and outcomes. Of course, that caused a lot of fear within me because I didn’t want to have to give up or let go of that “had to be in control feeling.” It was until I realized when I would surrender and let go, I stopped stressing, I stopped causing myself unnecessary worries. I would worry that things would not work out the way that I wanted it to. I would worry and stress over not receiving what I wanted when I wanted it. When I decided to let go and surrender the term “Let Go and Let God” definitely became the motto of my life. I realized when I let go I allow the Universe to work on my behalf and things began to work out on their own. I would start to see the outcome of what I surrendered to start to come together in ways that I could not even imagine. Everything seemed to flow together with ease and grace when I released control.

Surrendering was and continues to be a major part of my awakening path and life in general. When I surrender, I’m no longer trying to control the situation and I don’t have to worry about how and when. I allow the necessary space that's needed for the outcome to happen in its own way and time. This allows me to be able to have inner peace while enjoying my life in the present moment. So yes, when it comes to surrendering it can be hard and uncomfortable but when I choose to surrender I’m choosing to accept, have peace and enjoy my life as it is now. I’m also choosing freedom, patience and trust knowing everything will work out as it should.


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