• Coach Kisha

Time to detox...

Because I’ve been so busy and have not had time to sit down and write a blog, I’ve decided to type up a short list of energy clearing methods that continue to help me keep my energy clear during times of stress and planetary shifts. My energy can shift from one moment to the next. One day I’m feeling good and positive maintaining a high vibration and the next day I’m having anger issues, thinking negatively and feeling energetically low. When planets are going retrograde, when I’m going through cycles of releasing and healing, when circumstances in my life are not going well, among many other things, this can really affect my energy. Since awakening to my spiritual journey, I now understand how important it is to keep my energy clear as much as possible. So here is a list of eight things that help keep me balanced and my vibration high when everything in my life seems out of control.

  • Drinking lots of water; I feel at my best when I drink at least 1.5L of water every day. My mind is clear and I have extra energy no matter what's going on in my life.

  • Burning Sage inside the bathroom while taking a shower; Sage helps to clear out negative energy paired with cleaning my body makes me feel amazing afterwards.

  • Going out for a walk in nature; For me, I tend to connect more and can really embrace the present moment when I do not have my headphones or be on my cell phone. Clarity, guidance and ideas usually come about in these moments.

  • Meditate or take a nap when I can; I always feel rested and rejuvenated after which helps me to continue on with my day.

  • Detoxing; My favorite is drinking lemon water, it helps to clear my mind and body of toxins and helps me feel better. Making healthy food choices especially when I know my energy and vibration is low.

  • Disconnecting from social media, T. V, etc. and spending some time alone helps me to recharge and focus on my energy as well as embrace a well needed quiet atmosphere.

  • Doing some type of creative project; When I engage in a project that's fun and what I like to do I don’t have time to think about any negativity or stress and it also helps to raise my vibration.

Lastly, for me I find sometimes when my energy is not at its best just doing absolutely nothing helps me stay in a balanced state. Taking a few breaks from everything throughout the day to sit and JUST BE is very healing, good for my energy and vibration.

Written: March 7, 2017

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