• Coach Kisha

The Journey begins...

Having a spiritual awakening is a transformational process. It is a process that I’ve gone and continue to go through where I began to awaken to the truth of what's in my mind, heart, soul, my environment, the world, beliefs and opinions of mines and others. Seeing what's false and what's real when it comes to life. Letting go of people, places and situations that no longer serve me. Having a spiritual awakening is about awakening to my spiritual journey, it's about raising my consciousness and evolving to get in touch with my higher self, my true self, self-realization, who I truly am. The self that I was before all the programming put on me by my parents, family, friends, and experiences of life itself. Awakening to my spiritual journey is about growing into love that I already am and having love and compassion for all. It's about getting closer to my I AM presence, God, a higher source. My spiritual journey is about becoming the best version of myself, growing into enlightenment, staying in the present moment, quieting my mind and going within to listen to my soul's guidance and living a life of love, peace and joy and being able to find just that in every situation I face. Awakening to my spiritual journey is a life-long journey that differs from one to another. Although this journey is painful and hard at times, it's such a beautiful and rewarding journey called to me by my soul.

Written: January 26, 2017

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