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The beauty of synchronicity...

Since my last blog I have had someone reach out to me and ask me was I familiar with synchronicity with numbers? He had seen the numbers 333, 555 and 911 repeatedly. Although the meanings of repeating numbers are found all over the internet, I automatically knew that sharing my personal experiences with repeating numbers would be a good idea. Throughout my entire spiritual journey thus far I have always experienced synchronicity with numbers everywhere. When I see repeating numbers along my journey, I know they are messages from the spiritual realm. The Universe, angels and my spirit guides use these numbers as messages to help guide and support me along my physical journey here on Earth. Overall, I believe a lot of these repeating numbers have somewhat of the same meaning for everyone but because everyone’s spiritual journey may differ the events that happen in one’s life to help understand the meanings of each number may play out differently. Below I would like to share my personal experiences that helped me to understand the meaning of all the repeating numbers that I have seen so far throughout my spiritual journey.

  • 111 (manifestation) It took me a while to understand that when seeing the number 111 repeatedly it’s a time to keep my thoughts positive and to focus on things that I desire and want to come into my life. This is a time to make sure I am doing everything I can to feel good and raise my vibration to manifest the things that are for you my highest good.

  • 222 (have faith) Seeing the number 222 always comes during times of exhaustion for me. Times when a lot of things are going wrong at one time which may cause me to become tired and ready to give up. The number 222 is a message to stay strong, keep the faith and keep going even when I don’t know how things are unfolding in my life and not knowing what the outcome of situations will be.

  • 333 (Jesus/ascended masters) For me I like to associate the number 333 with Jesus. When I go through healing cycles and times of struggles and I need help during these times in my life, I always call on Jesus and normally that's when I would start to see 333. The number 333 is a message that ascended masters are around me helping and healing me during stressful times and sending me supportive energies. The number 333 can also associate itself with Soul mate connections.

  • 444 (lots of angels around you) I usually see 444 when I’m going through big energy shifts and transformations. The number 444 is a message of encouragement and lets me know that I am surrounded by many angels who are helping to guide and support me during shifts, transformations and changes in my life.

  • 555 (big changes) For me seeing 55 or 555 comes when I am about to move locations and or when there is about to become a change in my thinking or daily routines. The number 555 is a message of big changes coming into my life. Usually, this is a time to let go of the old, be open to the Universe and embrace the new that will be coming in.

  • 666 (materialistic) It took me awhile to understand what seeing 666 repeatedly meant for me. But I notice I only saw this number when I was so focused on the material world. Rather that’s worrying about my needs during times of financial struggles or times of too much shopping. The number 666 is a message that I am focusing too much on the material world and need to find balance by refocusing my thoughts back to the spiritual side of things.

  • 777 (right path) I love when I see the number 77 or 777 which is usually when I began a new healthier eating habit or exercise routine as well as when I began to follow my inner joy and do activities that make me happy. The number 777 is a message that I am on the right path and aligned with what makes my soul happy as well as to keep doing what I am doing!

  • 888 (money) Seeing the number 888 is a message of financial abundance and that money is coming my way. I usually see 888 after a delay in waiting on money or when it’s time to receive a lump sum of money like a bonus from work or taxes. However, I would also like to add that seeing the number 88 or 888 repeatedly is a message of being cautious of my spending and that a time of financial struggles could be ahead of me.

  • 999 (end of cycle) The number 999 is a message of completion. A cycle or chapter of my life is complete and now over. It’s now time to carry out all lessons and challenges and move forward using all the information learned towards my life purpose and soul path. Time to get ready for my next chapter!

  • 411 (information) When I see the number 411 repeatedly I see it as the angels and my spirit guides letting me know there is some important information that I need to go within to receive. Usually, I make sure that I am meditating often and as much as I can to connect to my higher self and receive the guidance.

  • 911 (soul mission) For me I see the number 911 a lot when I am thinking about ideas or ways I can create or manifest my soul purpose or career. Also, for me this number can mean to think positive when it comes to my spiritual ideas and to get back to work on whatever spiritual projects I’m working on at the moment.

  • 1010 (endings and beginnings) The number 1010 is another number that I love to see. I usually see this number around the time situations are ending in my life. The number 1010 is a message that major endings are happening in any area of my life but to stay aware and excited because as one thing ends another one begins that is more aligned with my highest good and state of consciousness.

  • 1111 (spiritual awakening/etc.) Overall seeing the number 1111 can mean many things. For my personal meanings throughout my journey refer back to my blog ' Are you seeing 11/11?'. The number 1111 is a message for those undergoing a spiritual awakening, a calling to Light workers, a Universal wake-up call to wake up to your true authenticity, soul mission and purpose in life. The number 1111 is a message connected to my Twin Flame, soul mate, divine life partner and or karmic connection as well as a shift in higher consciousness.

  • 1212 (comfort zone) The number 1212 is a message that it is time to step out of my comfort zone and to stay positive and have faith that everything that is unfolding in my life is leading me to my desired future. For me the number 1212 also comes about when there is a higher shift in my consciousness and spiritual growth.

  • 1222 (have faith in a situation) I usually see the number 1222 when there is a certain situation going on in my life where I find myself constantly thinking negative about the outcome of the situation. The number 1222 is a message to stay positive and optimistic about a certain situation in order for the outcome to manifest in a positive way for all involved.

  • 1234 (taking steps) The number 1234 is a message that I am beginning to take the right steps in divine order towards the right path. For me the number 1234 also appeared at times when I have a lot of things to do. The number 1234 is a message that it’s time to organize, refocus on the present moment and do one thing at a time.

Written: June 10, 2017

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