• Coach Kisha

When it's time to take a look at YOURSELF...

In this blog I want to speak about my experience with self-awareness. Self-awareness can be defined as the conscious knowledge of one’s own character, feelings, motives and desires. And for me, that's exactly what happened. I began recognizing my ways of thinking, my patterns, habits and the way I react and respond to all people and situations in my life. When becoming self-aware, I became more aware of my feelings, the choices I was making and what I wanted to experience in life. I became aware of the way I spoke to people, my appearance, the people who were around me as well as my current job. I even became conscious of the food I needed to stop and/or start eating. Self-awareness is how I became clear and understood the type of person I was being and how I was showing up in the world.

When I became self-aware of all these different aspects of myself, I didn't fall into judging or beating myself up, I just got to a point of wanting to change everything that was toxic, unhealthy and outdated. I no longer wanted to continue experiencing the negative cycles that has manifested in my life due to NOT being self-aware of my choices and actions. I had to step back and SELF-REFLECT and no longer blame other people for my actions and start to release everything that was no longer serving me. Self-awareness for me was realizing that I wanted to be authentic and the person that I was truly meant to be. I wanted to make choices, in my life, that not only made me feel good but was also in alignment with the BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF that I was becoming.

As I continue to live my journey of awakening it becomes more and more easy to see any facades or ways of being that are out of alignment with my TRUE SELF. Becoming self-aware helped and continues to help me grow and flourish in all areas of my life. Being self-aware helps me to have clarity when facing challenges in life and how to live a life of positivity. Even when facing negative challenges, through self-awareness, I’ve learned how to balance my feelings and emotions and protect my boundaries in healthy ways. Becoming self-aware is a PROCESS and definitely an important part of self-mastery. I am able to continue to evolve, learn and become the best authentic, powerful, self-loving version of myself.


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