• Coach Kisha

Resistance is nothing but fear...

It’s been awhile since my last blog and in that time I have gone through a lot of inner transformations. Releasing negative thinking and behavioral issues surrounding my relationships with others in all forms. When I become aware of my inner issues and accepted myself in every aspect that leads to healing and growth. Normally for me when I began to heal and grow, by stepping more into my wholeness, self-love and overall self-empowerment, that's when changes began to manifest in my outer world. Usually when these changes come about resistance to these changes come as well.

Overall resistance is nothing but fear. Resistance comes from the fear of me not knowing what’s next, the unknown. Fear of having to let something go rather it’s a person, place, thing, belief or way of being and not knowing or being able to see at that moment what the benefits of letting go will be. Resistance can also come about when it is time to surrender. For me, I resist because even though I'm ready for change on a spiritual level, physically if I’m stuck in my comfort zone than naturally change will make me uncomfortable which causes resistance.

When I came into the understanding that resistance is from the Ego and of a lower vibration, I began to take steps on learning how to overcome that lower aspect of myself. I began to embrace change and go with the flow of the Universe working in my life. I’ve noticed when resistance is present within me I feel stuck and unhappy about my life. I started playing the victim role and began thinking negative thoughts about myself and looking to the external world to help me cope with these negative thoughts and emotions. What I had to understand is that I create my life with my thoughts and actions and in those moments of life where I feel unhappy and stuck instead of playing the victim I can choose to make a change. When I’m able to embrace change and choose to have a positive approach towards situations changing in my life that’s when I began to feel back at peace and aligned with the flow of life once again.

Throughout my awakening journey I’ve come to realize that every change that has happened thus far in my life has been beneficial to my soul growth and way of being. When I choose to resist these types of changes not only does it delay my growth and cause myself to feel stuck in life but it also blocks my happiness. In every area of life, I have choices. When it comes to making a change, I can either choose to embrace the change and see it from a positive perspective as a change that is happening for my highest good, or I can make the choice to have fear and resist the change and cause myself to not only stay in my comfort zone but to suffer from feeling stressed and unhappy in my life. Life is full of constant changes but to flow with these changes and embrace the progress and growth of this life journey, I must change my way of thinking, find my inner strength and courage to overcome fear and not resist. I like to remind myself that all is well and everything has a purpose. There is no need to worry because everything is unfolding for the highest good of all. By becoming aware when I am resisting change, I can find my inner strength to overcome and not delay moving forward in my soul's growth and life mission.

Written: May 7, 2017

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