• Coach Kisha


In this blog I want to write about SELF-LOVE. Self-love can have multiple definitions but in this blog I want to talk about the overall general definition of self-love which is choosing what’s best FOR YOU in every situation. That means choosing what’s best for you in ALL areas of life because SELF-LOVE is KEY to YOUR MENTAL, SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL HEALTH.

As I’ve journeyed through my life, I’ve now gotten to the point where I do my best to choose what’s best for me in every area of my life, but it wasn’t easy! I’ve been through some tough lessons where I completely lost myself. I gave too much of myself without getting anything back in return. Situations that left me drained and not even knowing who I was within myself. You see, SELF-LOVE IS A FORM OF TAKING BACK YOUR POWER, IT IS EMPOWERMENT. When I choose self-love. I no longer allow a situation or someone else to control me or dictate my life. I choose what I know is best for me, what will make me happy and what is healthy for me on every level. When I choose self-love, I put my needs first and take care of me by doing what I know is best for me. When I choose self-love, I learn to release what no longer serves me and follow my intuition and guidance which leads me to making the best decision for my highest good. Choosing self-love is about KNOWING YOUR WORTH AND WHAT YOU DESERVE. I got to a point where I knew I wanted better for myself. I knew I DIDN'T have to settle for anything less than what I deserve. Choosing self-love helped me to learn that in order for me to love others I had to first love myself. How can I give what I don't have?

Self-love has and continues to HEAL, EMPOWER and RESTORE me. It allows me to be free and happy within my life knowing I AM WORTH so much more than what I was settling for or tolerating. Self-love allows me to live in my true authentic power fully knowing my WORTH and believing that I am capable of choosing what's best for me no matter what.

Overall, choosing self-love is LOVING YOURSELF FIRST … unapologetically!


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