• Coach Kisha

Living in the HERE AND NOW...

In this blog I wanted to speak about choosing to live in the present moment. Along my journey I learned that living in the present moment consists of being fully present, conscious and mindful of what is happening at this very moment. So if I am physically doing one thing but in that same moment mentally thinking about something else then I'm not being fully present. I'm not being fully conscious or fully experiencing what I'm doing at that moment. A part of being in the present moment is understanding that there are three spaces that I can mentally be in at any given moment. THE PAST, THE HERE AND NOW and the FUTURE. If I am constantly thinking about the past, it keeps me from fully experiencing and embracing my present moment. If I'm always thinking about the future that too takes away from me fully experiencing and embracing my present moment. When I realized that the past is gone and I cannot relive it and the future hasn't come yet, that's when I really started appreciating the beauty of my present moment because it's all I really have. It is the only space that does not consist of time. The present moment is the only space where I can fully create and experience the unfolding of my life. Once I fully understood this, my life became fluent and I no longer felt like there was never enough time to do everything that I wanted to do. I realized what I focused and put all my attention on is what began to expand and manifest into my life, all the while creating from my present moment.

While living in the present moment, I can no longer make changes to the past and I can't make any changes to the future, I can only make changes right NOW. I realized that the past can be left as the past when I forgive, heal and grow from it. When I had begun to realize that my past does not define who I am and what I do TODAY, that's when I was able to use the past as a reference only. I no longer have to disconnect from my present moment due to holding on to or being affected by my past. When it comes to my future, I realized it was ok for me to have and or make goals, but staying in the present moment helped me to, not only enjoy my life NOW while in the process of making it to those goals, but also creating the steps that need to be created NOW to achieve those goals.

Overall staying in the present moment helps me stay centered in my life, within myself and stay in a place of joy, gratitude and acceptance of where I am in my life now. Making and enjoying the current moments of my life RIGHT NOW. The past and the future helps create the cycles of life that we go through but have no real power over the present moment. What I experience in the present moment is really the only important experience. What I do and create in my present moment is who I will be and what I will be doing moving forward. Since the past is gone and I'm not guaranteed the future, why not fully live in the HERE AND NOW where I'm able to enjoy my life while creating moment by moment the experiences that will create the life I truly want to live.


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