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Going within...

Meditation for me is a state of deep peace that occurs when my mind is calm and silent. A state of being where I take the time to disconnect from the world around me, to go within, to center myself, to find answers, clarity and guidance. I began to meditate about a year after my spiritual awakening. I didn’t know anything about meditation yet so that’s how I knew it was time to begin. I started seeing a lot of meditation posts on social media and I began doing research on how and when to meditate and start putting it into practice. When I began to meditate, it was very hard to do because I could not keep my mind from thinking. I thought about stuff in the past, what I was cooking for dinner, etc., etc. I remember reading in one of the articles that I researched that said this type of nonstop chatter would happen during meditation but to keep trying. After about a week of trying, I came

across a meditation app called Calm. Once I began using the app, I realized the guided meditation helped me a lot with controlling my thoughts by releasing them and focusing back on my breathing. Eventually, as I continued with my meditation practice, I started to go deeper and deeper each time into a meditative state and was finally able to keep my mind quiet and focus on my breathing long enough to finally go into a full meditation.

What I discovered about meditating is the calm and relaxed feeling I would have as I went through my daily life. As a single mother of three children, my life can get pretty busy and frustrating at times. I was always on the go and always in a hurry to get things done. I began living in the present moment more and really becoming mindful of my thoughts and what I was doing throughout the day. I noticed I had more energy and became less stressed out about the circumstances that appeared in my life and felt more at peace. I got to the point where if I went two or three days without meditating I started to get back frustrated, impatient and in a hurry and I knew right away it was time to meditate again.

For me, meditation is a form of healing for my mind, body and soul. A place where I find my center, a place where I find my inner strength and peace that starts from within and then manifests itself into my outer world. Meditating is the way I connect with my higher self to receive guidance about life situations or direction on my awakening path and spiritual growth. Meditating helped me to become in touch with my true authenticity when it comes to discernment of my thoughts and feelings. I believe at some point on everyone’s journey of awakening meditation has to begin. It’s a big part of how I transformed from not becoming too attached from receiving, what I think I need, from the outer world to learning and understanding that all the answers are already within. My soul already knows and will guide me to the answers that I seek and all I have to do is go within to connect and receive the guidance and insights on what’s best for me. Meditation has been and will always be a very beneficial practice along my spiritual journey and my life in general.

Written: April 5, 2017

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