• Coach Kisha

Creating what YOU want to experience...

Steps taken when it comes to my personal experiences on MANIFESTING.

Even though it hasn’t shown up in my physical world yet, I have to first BELIEVE that I already have what I'm trying to manifest. I need to hold that belief, not wavering back and forth, or having doubts that I don't deserve what it is that I want to experience. Second, not putting limits or having expectations on the timing or how the outcome will manifest. When I stay open and NOT try to figure out every step or force the manifestation, that's when I allow the Universe to work its magic and things will begin to unfold naturally and in the most beautiful ways. It is also key that when I am manifesting I am doing so from a high vibration. How do I maintain a high vibration? By doing the things that are good for me, that make me happy and that's aligned with my soul. By choosing the opposite of anything that is not for my highest good and by making sure I am feeling good and being positive. When I am feeling confident, happy, and believing in myself that's the energetic vibration that I send out to the universe.

Everything is energy and frequency, to manifest what I desire, I have to be in alignment on an energetic level with what I want to manifest. Most of the time when manifesting there will be some work that needs to be done which is part of getting myself into alignment. Sometimes there will be some letting go of the old to make space for the new manifestation to come in. There may need to be some healing and growth that need to be done in order for me to be able to handle the new manifestation and maintain it. A lot of times there is an overall process that may take years that need to unfold before what I desire manifest and shows up in my physical world. That's why having the understanding of how and what it takes to manifest the life I want to live takes patience and knowing that what's best for me and/or aligns with my soul will eventually manifest no matter what and the same will be for you. BELIEVE!


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