• Coach Kisha

Becoming one with Nature...

In this blog I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with nature as well as some benefits of nature. As most people may know nature is known as a form of healing for the soul and a way to stay grounded. A place to find awareness, tranquility, serenity, peace and harmony. It wasn't until after having my spiritual awakening that I really became aware and embraced the benefits of being out in nature. A lot of times, when I find myself stressed and dealing with the many challenges of life, nature is where I turn to for clarity, a change of perspective and healing. A part of my spiritual path is not only becoming one with my authentic, higher self but becoming one with all. Releasing all that no longer serves me and gets in the way of aligning myself with oneness. As I’ve journeyed along the awakening path becoming one with nature and seeing the beauty of nature has become greater and more beneficial to my soul’s growth and spiritual path. I have become so aware and at one with nature that one of my passions has manifested into taking pictures of nature where I can capture the stillness, peace and present moment in a photo. Not only do I enjoy taking pictures of nature, but I use it as a gym which allows me to exercise my body and receive peace and healing all at once for my mind and soul. There are many times when I fully allow the present moment in nature to embrace my being and I felt my energy clear and experienced higher vibrations.

Nature is also a place where I receive messages from the Divine. There are many times in nature where I came across a certain bird I’ve never seen before and when I looked up the bird and its spiritual meaning it would always resonate with where I was on my path and situations I was going through during that period of my life. There have been times of sun rays coming through the clouds on a cloudy day during times of prayer, as well as finding feathers, coins and hearing messages from my spirit guides. When I became aware, believed and opened myself up to the beauty of nature and all it has to offer I began to experience miracles and divine love and oneness within and all around me. I began to embrace nature as a part of my spiritual path and as a priority in my life. Becoming one with nature brings me so much joy and gratitude within myself and in my life. To be able to experience such beauty and creation anytime I want causes so much appreciation and gratefulness. Overall, awakening to and embracing nature is a great way for me to relax, stay grounded and centered in the present moment as well as finding peace, beauty and oneness with Earth and animals. Awakening to nature opens my heart and entire being to all that is and has raised my soul to higher levels of consciousness.

Written: July 25, 2017

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