• Coach Kisha

Becoming aware of your MINDSET...

In this blog I wanted to talk about our mindset. Like all of my other blogs I always speak from my own personal experience. As I awakened to my spiritual journey one of the major changes that happened was the evolving and shift of my mind. What I grew up to believe about myself, others and the world. The way I perceived things, beliefs and ways of thinking. All of this has shifted within my mindset due to no longer resonating with the evolving version of myself. A lot of what I believed and perceived had been programmed on me as I was growing up. Other people projected their beliefs on to me such as my parents, kids at school or maybe what I had seen and heard on TV. Even my environment affected the way I perceived and believed situations to be. The thing is, as a child growing up, if the beliefs and ways of thinking that were projected on me were incorrect, negative and coming from a place of lack, unworthiness, their own personal hurt, pain and unhealed brokenness then that's exactly what gets projected. These types of perceptions and beliefs are then carried over into my adulthood showing up as having a victim and lack mentality, feeling undeserving and as if life was nothing but a big struggle. By carrying these types of beliefs into my adult life, they had begun to manifest and cause limitations, blockages and kept me from becoming and expressing my own true, authentic self.

As I awakened spiritually this type of thinking became outdated and needed to be released. I came to understand that I actually created my reality with my thoughts. What I believed is what manifested into my life. If I believed with a lack mentality then experiences revolving around me not having enough is what will show up in my life. When I eventually changed and shifted my mindset to abundance that's when the Universe began to bless me with not only unexpected money and ways to take care of my financial needs but I began to feel positive and joy in all areas of my life.

When I got to a place of understanding that my life can be whatever I believe it could be, that's when I began to release the limits and constraints of an old, outdated belief system that kept me stuck, living in cycles and not experiencing my fullest potential. In order for me to live a life of growth, joy and expansion, I had to release the mindset of not feeling good enough, not feeling deserving of the life I wanted to live and to not compare myself to others. I had to release the many beliefs and ways of thinking that was projected on me as a child to shift into a mindset that matched the current version of myself as an adult. The version of myself which was now evolving and becoming authentic. The version of myself that now knows my self-worth, that now believes in myself and understands that MY LIFE CAN ONLY BE AS GOOD AS MY MINDSET.


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