• Coach Kisha

A three-step process when transitioning out of a job that no longer resonates.

1. MINDSET: Everything starts with our mind and way of thinking. When wanting to let go of a job that no longer resonates with your soul ask yourself, “What can I do to NOT have to work here anymore?" Even if you still have to go as you’re going through these steps, continue to ask yourself that question. This will mentally set the intention of wanting to release the job. Also causing a shift to stop MENTALLY accepting the job as your current reality even though it is physically. Continuing to mentally accept a job that's no longer a vibrational match can cause delays with moving forward with your soul work or a better job that is a vibrational match. We also allow low vibrational people and situations into our reality by continuing to mentally accept being in a low vibrational environment.

2. TAKING ACTION: While transitioning out of a job that no longer resonates with your soul and current vibration, take action! Work towards what you DO want to do and that is in alignment. Rather it’s going back to school, starting your own business, or doing work that satisfies your soul you will notice your reality beginning to shift. You will find yourself having more time to work towards those new goals while shifting less and less out of that job that no longer resonates. This transitional shift will eventually ignite new opportunities as well as random income to support your transition.

3. TRUST THE PROCESS: No matter how long it might take, or what your situation may look like throughout the process, continue to stay strong mentally. Always know that all is working out for your best interest. There may be times where you start to worry about finances or start having doubts but continue to believe in your transition. Remember the Universe will always have your back when following your soul's path of growth, true happiness, and higher vibrational experiences in all areas of your life.


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