• Coach Kisha


I began to see the number 11/11 after I had begun to awaken to my spiritual path. It was after having a spiritual awakening when I started noticing I was seeing 11/11 a lot. My current job at that time was a Vault Clerk, so I worked with money and numbers all day. I started to become aware of 11/11 on the paperwork that I worked with all of a sudden, as I never did before, as well as on the cable box and microwave, every morning and night, when I was at home. At first, I didn't pay attention to it but then I started noticing when I saw 11/11 I felt like my surroundings looked very clear and bright and I felt like in those moments I really needed to pay attention. To what? I didn't know. Eventually, I felt guided to look up 11/11 on Google, and that's when I started to understand it was definitely a part of my spiritual path and journey. I started reading about the 11/11 phenomenon and how there were many different meanings out there for seeing this number repeatedly. One piece of information that stuck out to me was when seeing 11/11 it was somewhat of a wake-up call from the Universe for Light workers, souls who were awakening here to help raise the vibration on Earth, to start waking up and coming into alignment with their true selves, soul path and mission in their life.

As I continued on my path, the cycles of seeing 11/11 repeatedly would come and go over the years. I had begun to understand what seeing 11/11 meant for me and my personal growth and journey. One meaning for me was when I'm approaching a point of my journey that involves me having to go through healing and releasing cycles and clarity and peace would usually follow. I would start seeing 11/11 to let me know that it's a time of spiritual growth, enlightenment, evolving and energy shifts. Another personal meaning of seeing 11/11 is when I am aligning with the energy of my Twin flame soul connection. I would begin to see 11/11 repeatedly then during meditation, through telepathy or in dreams, I would come in contact with my Twin flame on a soul energetic level. The last personal meaning of seeing 11/11 for me on my journey is when I am attracting in a Soul mate. Seeing 11/11 combined with the repeating number 333 usually follows when meeting up with a Soul mate that has come into my life. Although for me it's only been one main Soul mate after my awakening, there have been long periods of separation between meetings with this Soul mate. Seeing 11/11 combined with the number 333 lets me know a coming back together for communication, healing and or learning is about to happen. Overall, these are the three meanings for seeing 11/11 that I have personally experienced on my journey thus far. Like always, we all have our different situations and circumstances as we continue to grow and learn along our spiritual path.

Written: February 3, 2017

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