I'm Kisha and I created AWAKEN CONSCIOUS LIVING for ALL to see but specifically for people who are currently on or awakening to their spiritual journey and are feeling stuck, confused, have questions, and/or in need of clarity, reassurance, motivation, and encouragement. Also, for people who are READY and INTERESTED in receiving guidance, supportive help, or simply may need an outside person to talk to that can help bring awareness to the areas of your life when it comes to moving forward, inner healing, finding balance, a deeper purpose in life or wanting to take the necessary steps to become the best version of yourself and live a more soul-fulfilling life.

About Me

As I've been consciously walking my spiritual path since 2012 it has been and continues to be an amazing journey of transformation. Over these last eight years, I've grown so much within myself with much solitude, unlearning, letting go, healing, spiritual experiences, lessons and inner spiritual guidance. I've now come to understand part of my mission work in life is to help people who are now going through their own spiritual awakening journey as well as people who may need help becoming aware of self-discovery in different areas of their lives. I've come to this awareness by having to and continuing to do my own inner healing work in order to evolve into the better version of myself that I am today. 

Over these years of being on my awakening journey and growing more into my authentic self, I discovered that I was able to encourage and have the ability to provide healing through words. I started creating blogs based on the beginning foundation of my own spiritual awakening journey and my life as it continues. I have recently added new blogs that consist of a wide range of informative topics to bring awareness and guidance. These blogs consist of areas that I personally have and continue to overcome in my own life which gives me the motivation to help others by sharing my own knowledge and experiences. 

"As a Spiritual Awakening Blogger I provide Spiritual Guidance, Awareness and Intuitive Wisdom through writing about my own personal experiences with the intentions to radiate understanding, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement through my words"...

As I continue to navigate through my life and spiritual journey, I've had and continue to have many spiritual experiences along the way. These experiences come and go in divine timing and are very beneficial to my life, the growth of my soul, the understanding of my path, and who I am as a person. This has led me to assist others in their awakening journey or areas of life that surround the topics that are listed below.

"My source of knowledge is  from my own personal experiences."

Areas of Experience

  • Spiritual awakenings 

  • Inner transformations

  • Energy shifts

  • Dark Night of the Soul

  • Twin Flame soul connection/journey

  • Soulmate Catalyst physical connection

  • Synchronicities of events

  • Healing cycles

  • Meditation

  • Emotional deep healing

  • Full moon /New moon activations

  • Deep meditation/ guidance from higher self

  • Chakra clearing and opening

  • Third eye visions

  • Angelic guidance and messages

  • Repetitive numbers /divine messages

  • Messages and guidance through animals

  • Creative /healing abilities

  • Manifesting

  • Transitioning to a healthier diet

  • Present moment clarity and answers

  • Growing connection with Universal Source

  • Past-life Soulmate physical connection

  • Self-love awareness and balance

  • Releasing addictions/toxic patterns

  • Raising consciousness 

  • Singlehood /Celibacy

  • Self-acceptance and Authenticity

  • Mindset awareness

  • Healthy boundaries

  • Toxic relationships

  • Achieving inner wholeness

Are you going through any of these spiritual and or life experiences? Need HELP or GUIDANCE? In my Spiritual Guidance Phone Session, we can discuss any of these topics in order to help you navigate through your experiences so you can continue to move forward, learn and grow on your awakening journey or overall path in life.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to me for more information.

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My Services

When choosing to awaken to conscious living, all areas of your life will need to be looked at to determine what needs to be changed, healed, and or released for your highest good. My services are unique to what I have personally gone through while on my path to living a life with deeper meaning and a more conscious lifestyle. In both of my ONLINE sessions, I start with a short mental meditation where I then follow up with questions, throughout the session, that will help my client become aware and discover the areas in their life, or within themselves, where inner work is needed. In my PHONE session, I provide personal wisdom and guidance for questions that my client may have regarding their own personal spiritual awakening journey. Learn more about my services.


  • (4/2018- 10/2018) ASLC, Advanced Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Learning Center, Online Life Coaching Certification School

  • (10/2018- 4/2019) CSLC, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Holistic Learning Center, Online Life Coaching Cerification School.

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Awaken Conscious Living is about getting to a point in your life where you are READY to awaken to following your soul's path and making choices which leads to becoming the best version of yourself, raising your consciousness and overall expansion of your soul's growth and evolution. My intention is to help and guide people to become conscious of their negative patterns, outdated mindsets, and blockages that keep you stuck in life and not able to move forward. To be able to heal, change and shift your mindset in order to create and manifest the life you want to experience. Interested in learning more?

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and began your journey to AWAKEN to your conscious SELF, relationships and healthy living."

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